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What is Positive Reinforcement Training?


A basic principle of learning theory is that if a behavior has a positive result, the chances of that behavior being repeated increase. Positive reinforcement dog training works by rewarding proper behavior with what motivates your dog. The key is to find what motivates your dog, treats, toys, verbal praise, your attention or any combination. You will increase the behaviors you want by rewarding them with the things that they want.                                                        


Good management prevents your dog from learning and practicing unwanted behaviors.

When your puppy was small, chances are you rewarded him for jumping on you, by petting him and giving him attention. Now that he weighs 80 lbs its not so cute anymore.


Dogs are learning with every interaction with you. We can teach you how to read dog body language to understand normal dog behavior and prevent common but unacceptable behavior issues.

Theresa Reiter                                          

Professional, certified, experienced, licensed and fully insured.


Teaching private and group lessons, Theresa has provided training for hundreds of dogs of all ages, size and breeds.


She has volunteered for rescue organizations, helping dogs find and stay in their forever homes.


Theresa is committed to on-going education to keep current with the most recent and effective training methods and techniques by attending seminars, workshops and networking with other positive trainers.


She currently lives in South Pasadena Florida, with her husband Tim and 2 Italian Greyhounds Honor and Jordon.


AKC – CGC/Star Puppy Evaluator

CPCT (Certified Pet Care Technician)

Certified Pet Training Instructor

Red Cross Pet First Aid/CPR Certified

Member of APDT #76268

Member of The Pet Professional Guild

Member of Truly Dog Friendly.

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